Monday, November 1, 2010

vegan mofo: epic fails and then some

vegan mofo is one month where vegan bloggers post a new recipe or do some sort of blogging about veganism or the vegan community every day (or as much as possible). this year throughout the month of november.
this year i thought i would really try to post once a day, and for a theme, i thought would do vegan mofo: epic fails (and then some).
each day for the month of november i will post a picture of an epic fail: something i made that either didn't stand up taste-wise or was just a badly framed photo. and for the 'and then some': i'll post some foodie pics that actually tasted good, but for whatever reason didn't make it to my blog.  there will be no recipes, but a dedication to vegan food nonetheless.

after november, i will go back to my regular two or three posts a month.  so i apologize in advance for the atrocities that you are about to experience.

first up: polenta with tomatoes and toast. 

why i'm including it:  i actually like polenta slices and garden tomatoes (and toast), but the picture was just sort of random.   this was back in 2008 before i knew how to take a half-way worthy blog pic.  plus, was it really a recipe?

would i make it again: sure, although i don't eat a lot of breakfast meals.


jessy said...

i absolutely love your epic fails theme for MoFo, miss v.! brilliant! i remember all the photos that i took when i was just starting out (and to this date i still take some pretty awful shots sometimes. ah ha ha!) - and i'm thinking back now to all the cooking fails i've had along the way as well (you should have seen dan and i toss a pot o' soup into our compost pile a few weeks ago - it was AWFUL!). i love the little polenta rounds - especially the little guy that's the butt-end. tee hee! now, let's talk about toast....i have some problems with toast - in that i'll eat an absurd amount of slices slathered in earth balance. it's one of my favorite things to enjoy. i don't know what it is about toasting bread, but it makes my tummy most happyfaced! i'm glad i've found a tasty gluten-free bread that i love, 'cause i cannot imagine my life without toast 'n butter. mmmmmmmm! happy Vegan MoFo to you, and i can't wait to read all the awesome posts to come!

kishykat said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has epic fails in the kitchen. Although, I gotta say last week I rocked the kitchen. Every night was a new masterpiece.

Bianca said...

Great theme idea! Although I totally wouldn't call that a fail. Looks like a winner to me.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I would love to eat that.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Great theme! It's always reassuring to know that I'm not alone in kitchen failures! I've yet to try polenta would you believe - I've never seen it in the shops so I keep forgetting about it.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Happy MoFo'ing!