Friday, November 12, 2010

vegan mofo: baby bok choy in oyster sauce

i like baby bok choy and i like (vegan) oyster sauce.  where did this go wrong?

status: somewhat fail.

why i'm including it: i saw a great recipe about baby bok choy in oyster sauce.  sounded awesome.  turned out...  just meh.   i'm not sure what could be done to improve it other than making it into a different dish.

would i make it again:  i might try some changes, but i'm not enthusiastic.


Marrakesh Cheap holiday deals said...

Vegam Mofo is been the crispy delicious dish.This is best dish for me as I likes it a lot.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Sorry - laughing at the comment above.
I would add some garlic and ginger to that and I bet everything would be alright.

Amey said...

ha ha. I'm sorry for laughing, but I love that you are including all your culinary fails! These things happen in the kitchen, and I applaud you for sharing them!

Also, I have to agree with Jeni Treehugger that this first comment is totally hilarious. Best spam comment ever.

miss v said...

i know. i almost deleted the spam comment, but i just couldn't! it's classic.