Saturday, November 21, 2009

vegan thanksgiving

adopt turkeys, don't eat them! i did just that from farm sanctuary this year. there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the holiday meat-free. here are a few recipe ideas.


holiday faust:
this is my go-to thanksgiving recipe. after a few adjustments, i would suggest that you definitely use low-sodium soy and cut it with a little water to reduce the saltiness (unless you are using a really weak broth).

vegan pot pie:

i made this for easter last year, but it would be equally yummy as a t-day meal. like any good pot pie, the best part is cracking the shell.

mock meatloaf:
maybe it doesn't scream 'thanksgiving meal', but it's still hearty enough to stand up to a turkey platter. plus you get awesome meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

side dishes

roasted garlic mashed potatoes:
isn't t-day all about the sides? and what feast would be complete without potatoes of some sort? here is a little garlic twist on an old favourite.

creamy kamut salad:

if you haven't tried kamut, it's a nice little grain similar to orzo or buckwheat. this is a slightly more modern dish, loaded with tons of fresh asparagus.

poor girl's green bean casserole:
i made this during one of my pantry clean-out modes. saltines and canned green beans - super cheap and pretty delish.


blog mom's zucchini custard pie:
my 'blog mom' sent me this recipe last year. i made it for thanksgiving last year and it was a hit. definitely don't let the 'zucchini' part scare you off of this recipe.

simply cinnamon apples:
very easy and healthy - a perfect ending to heavy day of eating. be sure to use organic apples though... apples can carry some of the highest pesticide counts.

chocolate almond biscotti:
there is nothing like an italian cookie dipped in a warm cup of coffee. comforting, and not too filling... a perfect way to end a long day with those you love.

happy thanksgiving!


jessy said...

hooray for adopting a turkey, miss. v! we did again this year, too! yay!

oh man - you've got so many great dishes one could make for thanksgiving. your poor girl's green bean casserole, mock meatloaf, and cinnamony apples are catching my eye! mmmmmmmmm!

DJ Karma said...

Getting hungry looking at all that food!

Anonymous said...

That all looks so good! I am looking forward to some of these dishes Thursday!

Usha said...

Wow what a spread, everything looks so inviting especially the deserts!
Regarding the question you asked me on this post

First let me say sorry for the delayed reply, I was swamped and am only now getting around to replying to this one. You can definitely use the semolina crepes as a wrap, in fact I love the idea so much I want to do the same soon!

HayMarket8 said...

Looks like some great foods. I have been really wanting to make a vegan pot pie recently, you may have pushed me over the edge! ;)

Adam said...

I'm laughing pretty hard at the "poor girl green bean casserole", that's a perfect name :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to agree that there's quite more to the holiday than just turkeys :)

Hannah said...

Man, that sounds like such an awesome Thanksgiving feast. Hope you had a good one! :)