Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kraut spring rolls

i have a confession. i have an unnatural obsession with sauerkraut. i didn't actually try it until about two years ago, and i've been scarfing it down in massive quantities ever since. maybe i'm making up for lost kraut time, but i could (and often do) put it on everything.

place one spring roll wrapper on a flat plate and run warm water for about 10 seconds over each side (until it feels flexible enough to roll). if it softens too much it will tear easily, so make sure it retains a little bit of its starchiness. on the same plate, place half of the ingredients near one side rice paper and make a small fold over them. fold in the sides, and then finish tightly rolling up the rest of the roll. it's sort of a burrito style roll, if you know what i mean (i always forget to take pictures of the process). repeat with the other wrapper and remaining ingredients.

for the sauce, i prefer 1 part rice vinegar to 1 part nama shoyu/soy.


allularpunk said...

haha..here it comes, kraut-mania! i finally found spring roll wrappers and we still have 2 cans of kraut in the cupboard, so these may be in my near future.

Meg said...

Sauerkraut in spring rolls..never considered it, but I am very intrigued!

Corinne said...

Mmm, we just had some wonderful kraut at our local oktoberrfest!
I found a online store that sells vegan gouda... its called sheese? I think you are in the US...
You have to try the combo! Being vegan/vegetarian just doesn't justify not trying it!
:) Letme know if you try it!

Georgia said...

Oh I am also a kraut lover!!! I will have to get some rice paper rolls and have a go. Thanks heaps for the awesome idea... and nat doesn't like kraut - which means for for me *insert evil laugh*

Thanks for the idea

Mrs. Mandy said...

Hi doll! Never tried kraut before. Am scared. Probably should, though. Love cabbage, love salt, love pickley things...so funny about Atonement. It was so beautifully shot and so incredibly disturbing at the same time. Like 10,000 Maniacs songs. xoxo

Anonymous said...

That's quite creative! It's funny how famous sauerkraut is in the US and you guys come up with the most inventive ideas about what to do with this stuff.

Adam said...

Hey thanks for checking out my blog. Yours just screams fun and having a good time. I like it :)

Oh, and there is nothing unnatural about loving sauerkraut. This is normal, especially for cool people.

Agnesss =) said...


Thanx SO MUCH for commenting on my blog =) appreciate it!!

Well,well...those rolls are interesting..!! You like sauerkraut =) here in Poland people LOVE it hah :D

Your blog is really inspiring!! Great work!! Keep doing it :D

Would be so nice to see a comment form you again!! On my new post :)) Pls visit me on


I'd be SOO happy!!

Have a nice time !!

Anonymous said...

This looks incredible!

pixiepine said...

I love springrolls and I love sauerkraut...maybe I should try this!